Patients travel from all over the country to receive keyhole bunion treatment from Mr Palmer. Here are a few testimonials from recent satisfied bunion surgery patients of Mr Palmer: -

“Last year I had minimally invasive surgery to remove a bony growth from my big toe joint. I was in and out of hospital on the same day, with very little discomfort, and able to drive again three weeks later.
Mr Simon Palmer was a caring and competent surgeon and explained everything clearly. Seven weeks after the operation I was able to go on a short hike and ten weeks after the operation I was able to wear heeled shoes again to celebrate the New Year.
I am very pleased with the results of the surgery and the treatment that I received.”

S.P - Chichester

"Its now about 12 weeks since my surgery and I wanted to say thank you for doing such a good job on my feet and give you some feed back. They have had a few painful moments during recovery as expected I guess but I feel at last they are returning to normal, sometimes they do still get sore though. I am swimming front crawl leg kick alright, did a long cycling sportive and went for an 8 mile walk at Easter. I am beginning to get back to gentle jogging - the feet are a bit sore with this but I assume it isn't going to harm them now, I have had to buy some larger trainers as well as the feet are still a bit swollen. So all being well I should do my first sprint Tri in June. Everyone seems to know someone who has had this op and have awful stories to tell so people are amazed at how soon my surgery has healed, I think your skill and method has played a big part in this. Interestingly, only 8 weeks after surgery my cycling club girls wanted to inspect my feet and were astounded at how they looked, my favourite comments? "it doesn't look like you've had anything done" and "but where are the scars"? So a very successful outcome I think and once again thank you"

J.L.- London

"Thankyou for using your skills to give me a new pair of feet. They will give me a new lease of life for which I will be grateful everytime I am training and competing with my Border Collies, with best wishes"

B.M - Dublin

"My lovely new foot.... This was taken about a year after surgery. I am now recovering from having my other foot done, 10 days after surgery at the moment... Can't wait for my matching pair :-)"

J R - Southampton from Sigiriya in Sri Lanka

"I walked all the way up 1000 steps to see the First Palace for the local king..., my feet were no problem.
Thankyou for putting me right, your patients over the years have been helped back on their feet.
Thankyou once again
Best Wishes"

Dr S P